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If you enjoy the slow pace life surrounded by natural reservations and beautiful beaches, Antigua and Barbuda is an ideal location for you to park your entire family. This independent Common Wealth country is known for its rain forests, reef-lined beaches and spectacular resorts. You may be able to get passport of this nation within a short 3 months and it provides you with visa-free access to over 130 countries across the Globe, including the Schengen counties! But you may likely never want to leave this country, also known as the Paradise Island. Antigua is a country that places high value on natural reserves and it a destination for eco-tourism. This is among the many reasons why this nation isn’t just about the beaches. If you enjoy nature and wilderness along with luxury and some of the finest banking systems, you will be very happy to live here. Furthermore, your children will benefit from the British education system for primary and secondary schools. And if your child’s ambition is to become a medical doctor, Antigua offers of the finest foreign-owned medical schools.