Global Gates is a dynamic, progressive and ambitious firm that facilitates your immigration needs via investment. We have partnerships set up all around the Globe and over the years, we have worked on perfecting our services to ensure that our clients not only get what they want: but that they feel safe.

WHAT IS our mission?

Transparency: Transparency is essential to a successful migration process and this is the reason why trust is the first value Global Gates embraces. We establish a foundation of trust before beginning any relationship and we cater to this trust from beginning to end.

Value: Our values include trust, resilience and long-term relationships. Trust is essential for the process of immigration through investment, not only to be successful, but in removing excess anxiety and fear which can often lead to rash choices, health problems and simply living in a prolonged unpleasant state. We are here to make your experience as smooth as possible. We place a high importance on establishing our relationships with those who we deal with. We want to make sure that we are right for each other. This is why we value long-term relationships because the immigration process may take years in many cases. We value resilience because we know that you need a strong, reliable and resilient partner to help you pave your way in your new home.


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Global Gates offers two types of investment programs, which is residency by investment, and citizenship by investment.

Our team

Choose between 18 residency

and citizenship opportunities

offered by 11 countries.

Eiman Sadegh

Eiman Sadegh, Founder and Lawyer

Me Eiman Sadegh holds a Bachelor of Civil Law and a Juris Doctorate Diploma in Common Law from the University of Montreal.


Ahmed Elzoghbi

Case Manager

Ahmed Elzoghbi holds a Bachelor of Science from Suez Canal University, Egypt and a Certificate in Canadian Immigration Law from LaSalle College, Canada.


Atena Sadegh

Office Manager

Atena Sadegh graduated with an MA in Public and International Affairs, studying the social and economic effects of Public Policy.