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Canadian Future is a specialized Immigration Law Firm that offers a fully comprehensive and optimized service from application to approval. With a team driven by both immigration and litigation practitioners in the same firm, and an efficient automation process, Canadian Future provides active support to practitioners so that they can assist their clients every step of the way.

Canada is the ideal destination for immigrants from all corners of the globe seeking a higher quality of life, safety and security for their family, global opportunities for their business, and world-class health care and education.


Our Commitment

Canadian Future offers solutions for practitioners aimed at maximizing the chance of success of their client’s applications for Canada. Our experts commit to offering efficient and effective solutions tailored to each of your client’s file. It is our mission to help you improve the quality of services provided to your clients.

Our services include:
● Immigration process services
● Analyzing Judicial Review files and determining the chance of success in court
● Starting the Immigration or Judicial Review (JR) process
● Preparing / Reviewing your client’s applications by your side
● Providing expert legal advice throughout your client’s journey to Canada



Whether your clients are seeking a Temporary Resident Visa, Work or Study Permit, our experts can advise you on the conceptualization of the request, its preparation, and every step until a decision is rendered by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada.

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Whether your clients are seeking to apply under a Federal or Provincial Immigration program, our seasoned immigration team can assist you in diagnosing the best path to Permanent residency for your clients. Following that initial diagnostic, we can assist you in the preparation of the application and every step along the way until your clients obtain their Permanent Residency.

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If your client’s Temporary or Permanent Residency application has been refused, or the processing time has exceeded the average processing delay of similar files, our litigation team can represent their interests by challenging the decision (or lack there of) in front of the Federal Court of Canada. Our legal experts will help put an end to the nightmarish scenarios that practitioners deal with when they are faced with an unreasonable decision maker.

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Our History


Eiman Sadegh holds a Bachelor of Civil Law and a Juris Doctorate Diploma in Common Law from the University of Montreal. Following his studies, Mr. Sadegh became a member of the New York State Bar Association and the Bar of Quebec. He has also served as the President of the Persian Law Association of Quebec, as well as the Executive Vice President of the Iranian Canadian Business Council (Quebec Chapter.)

Mr. Sadegh’s legal practice focuses on the immigration of entrepreneurs and investors from the Middle East and Asia. His unique profile has given him a profound understanding of the business cultures between Canada and Iran. He is fluent in English, French, Persian and Portuguese.

Eiman Sadegh, Founding Partner and Lawyer


BY Eiman Sadegh

Exploring Judicial Review for Canadian Immigration: FAQ -- part two

Today's discussion unpacks judicial review for Canadian visa refusals, a legal pathway where the Federal Court reviews the reasonableness of the decision. Key points include the irrevocable nature of most judicial review decisions, eligibility for review, and steps involved, like applying for leave. Understanding these aspects helps determine whether to pursue a review or reapply, especially if the initial refusal involves recoverable errors or ambiguous decisions by IRCC. This insight equips applicants with the necessary guidance to navigate post-refusal options effectively.

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BY Eiman Sadegh

Exploring Judicial Review for Canadian Immigration: is it better to reapply?

Facing a visa refusal in Canada offers two main pathways: reapplying or judicial review. Deciding between them hinges on understanding the refusal's specifics, which might indicate whether an oversight such as a missing document (a scenario often favoring reapplication) or potential errors in the original assessment (which might necessitate judicial review) led to your refusal. Resubmitting allows you to address and correct specific weaknesses in your initial submission, while judicial review challenges the legality of the decision itself, ideal for situations where issues seem rooted in procedural unfairness or unreasonable judgments by IRCC. Your choice should align with the unique context of your refusal to optimize your pursuit of Canadian residency or visitation.

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BY Eiman Sadegh

Exploring Judicial Review for Canadian Immigration: FAQ

Today's article demystifies the judicial review process in Canada for those facing visa refusals. Judicial review allows you to challenge unreasonable decisions or mistakes in visa rejections through the Federal Court of Canada. Key aspects covered include eligibility for judicial review, application timelines, evidence requirements, potential outcomes, and the implications of a successful review, such as overturning your refusal or receiving a settlement. If successful, the process doesn't grant a visa directly but ensures another review of your application by a different officer, enhancing your chance to obtain approval.

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BY Eiman Sadegh

Overcoming a Canadian Study Permit Refusal: Key Reasons & Solutions

Understanding the complexities of a study permit refusal in Canada can transform a setback into a stepping stone. This detailed analysis reveals why thorough insight into refusal reasons—from failing to demonstrate sufficient ties to your home country to doubts about your study's intent—is crucial. Evaluate key factors like financial stability and genuine educational objectives to address and counteract each issue effectively, preparing a robust reapplication or pursuing judicial review. Get tailored advice to enhance your application's success and navigate your path to studying in Canada more confidently.

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